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According to a recent update from the Digital Universe study, the world’s digital data will reach 40 zettabytes by the year 2020.

Data’s Exponential Growth Rate

Analysts from the Digital Universe study, sponsored by data storage giant EMC, expect that the amount of digital data on Earth will double every two years through 2020.

Growing at this rate, the data deluge expected by the end of the decade will be equivalent to 5,200 GB of digital data per person for all the men, women, and children on Earth!

Who will produce all of this data? Study analysts expect that humans will create only a fraction of this growing ocean of data. The Digital Universe study states that a larger percentage of data will be created by machines that talk to each other over digital networks.

5,200 GB of Data for Every Person on Earth

Are you a compulsive Facebook user? Do you love using your smart phone as a camera? Do you tweet multiple times a day, or upload funny videos of your dog or cat online?

If you answered yes, you are part of the data capacity explosion. Why, you ask? In 2012, 68% of data was created through social media networks, mobile phone images and videos, and digital TV streamed over the internet.

Data Growth

Exponential data growth in the next eight years will reflected in a wide range of fields, not just social media, banking information, or large business data sets. According to Digital Universe, security surveillance videos, mobile phone images, high-definition TV and movies, and even scientific data recording subatomic collisions will generate exponential data growth.

Future endeavors focusing on ‘Big Data’ will mine data to reveal patterns that could provide valuable information like consumer buying trends. The IDC estimates that, in 2020, 33% of all data worldwide could be analyzed to provide valuable information.

So, Where Will We Store All This Data?

Wondering where all this data will be stored? Check out this recent infographic to find out more.

Photo Credit: clockwise from top right. Peter Kemmer, Flickr. CC Licensed. Tom Woodward, Flickr. CC Licensed.

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