Rent EMC Storage Hardware

Reliant Technology offers SAN hardware rental for enterprises that need EMC storage hardware without annual commitments or large capital expenditures.

Rental hardware is vigorously tested and evaluated before it is rented to ensure quality, and EMC storage rentals can be customized to fit your EMC SAN environment and your enterprise needs.

So, why might your enterprise need to rent EMC hardware?

  1. Keep mission-critical projects running without significant capital expenditure. Whether your enterprise needs to provide infrastructure for special launch events or experiences seasonal capacity requirements, you can maintain the high-level performance of your EMC storage hardware without investing in additional storage hardware.
  2. Meet your immediate storage needs, manage system performance spikes, or add capacity to boost performance with storage hardware rentals from Reliant Technology. Renting an additional tray of EMC Fibre Channel drives may help you maintain performance during your busy season without investing significant budget dollars in hardware you will only need for a few months.

  3. Set up a temporary site to reduce downtime. Whether your enterprise is moving the data center, conducting a data migration, or moving the entire corporate location, setting up a temporary site can prevent downtime and allow continuous business opterations throughout the move.
  4. Short term challenges can be an ideal time to take advantage of EMC rental hardware. For example, renting an EMC CX700 can help you reduce downtime while you move your SAN hardware to a new location. Flexible EMC storage hardware rentals can help your enterprise increase uptime and decrease risk while you move the storage environment on your own schedule.

  5. Reduce investment risk in hardware that will need to be upgraded. Purchasing EMC hardware can require a large capital outlay and commitment to EMC storage hardware that may need to be upgraded in a few short months or years. If your enterprise is growing rapidly, renting an additional tray of EMC disk drives or another EMC CX3 storage system can help you meet short term storage requirements in your EMC SAN environment.
  6. Whether you want to conserve capital for a future storage purchase or simply minimize investment risk, EMC hardware rentals from Reliant Technology can get you the storage you need without shrinking your IT budget.

Do more with less budget dollars when you rent used enterprise storage hardware from Reliant Technology. To learn more about EMC hardware rentals or to request a quote, please visit our Hardware Rentals page.

Interested in learning more about EMC storage hardware rentals? Talk to a dedicated Reliant Storage Specialist today for expert advice and discover the EMC storage hardware rentals that fit your enterprise and your budget.