What is third party supportThanks to shrinking budgets, IT professionals must find creative ways to meet capacity and performance requirements within their data centers. This is one of the leading reasons third party maintenance, post-warranty support, and third party support have all become buzzwords around the IT industry. With so many variations and names for hardware support, we figured we would clear up any confusion.


Third party support is data center hardware maintenance offered by vendors independent of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). So today we will go over the ins and outs of independent support, how it works, key features and services, as well as how you can get started.

How Does Third Party Support Work?

OEM refresh cycles are getting shorter and shorter meaning there’s newer equipment on the market every few years. This causes OEMs to discontinue support for systems sooner. But what happens if you aren’t ready to move to a newer system? That’s where end users can leverage independent support for post-warranty equipment.


Third party support vendors maintain your data center equipment by offering parts and services designed to extend the life of your storage, server, and networking hardware. Customers can choose which services and features they need in order to best support their specific environment and goals. Independent support partners like Reliant offer multiple service levels to help you customize your maintenance.

Key Features and Benefits of Third Party Support

There are a number of benefits of using third party support to maintain your data center hardware. Third party support provides an alternative to the 3-year refresh window offered by most OEMs. Some of the key benefits of independent support are:


Do more with less

Third party support can save you 30%-70% on your IT budget. By spending less on support you will free up budget for other data center needs.


Cost-effective support solutions

Paying for support services you don’t need isn’t very efficient. Flexible service level agreements allow you to only pay for the services and features you need while avoiding a refresh. Choose from options like 4-hour response times for mission-critical hardware, on-site spares kits, and access to domestic help desks.



Third party support gives you the freedom to keep your hardware longer. Support alternatives give you the option to refresh on your own schedule according to your needs. Don’t feel pressured to upgrade on your vendor’s refresh schedule if you don’t need to.

Ready to Make the Leap?

Now that you know exactly what third party support is and its benefits, you can begin to make the best decisions for your data center. There’s really no point in being unhappy with your current support solution when there are other options for you that include flexible contracts, OEM certified engineers, and quick response times. For more information on our third party support offerings, reach out to a dedicated support specialist or give us a call at 1.877.227.0828.