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The IT landscape is one of transition. Popular trends like flash and cloud storage continue to change the way we manage and store data. This is especially true for health IT departments. As one of the fastest growing sectors of IT, Health IT professionals face constant pressure to deliver new technology quickly and under budget.

But how can health IT managers take advantage of new technologies when the bulk of IT budgets go toward simply “keeping the lights on”? While it is important to expand existing systems when necessary, there should still be room left in your IT budget for some innovation as well. So in honor of National Health IT Week, we are bringing you 3 tips to cut costs and save money on your IT budget.

Third Party Support

With support budgets only growing an average of $2000 this year,  hoping for more budget may be futile. Instead, maximize your current budget by utilizing third party support. Health IT departments can partner with an independent support vendor for 30%-70% savings on hardware maintenance. Doing this frees up  some of your IT budget allowing for more innovation within your storage, server, and networking environment. Your health IT infrastructure will benefit from a number of great features when you choose third party maintenance. Experience OEM-level certified engineers, flexible service agreements, and coterminous contracts all for a reduced price.

Data Sanitization & Asset Recovery

The healthcare industry is no stranger to data security. Healthcare providers must follow many  regulatory guidelines to ensure that patient information, medical records, and other sensitive data remains safe. Deciding to decommission your data storage equipment is no different. Choose an ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) partner who can help you meet HIPAA requirements by performing DoD-level data erasure (DoD 5220.22-M). Data sanitization keeps the hardware in tact allowing you to sell or trade-in your legacy equipment and generate more funds in your IT budget while protecting your company’s data.

IT Asset Management

Asset Management refers to the process of tracking hardware and software to optimize spending and decision making in your IT department. Properly managing your IT assets helps you avoid unnecessary purchases as well as cuts administrative costs in your storage environment. This is an easy way to save money and decrease your IT budget headache.

Ready to Start Saving?

Implement these tips to help you save money and cut your IT expenses without sacrificing quality of support service, data security, or efficiency. For more ways Reliant can help you save money and optimize your health IT infrastructure, reach out to one of our storage specialists.