By Reid Smith-Vaniz

After synthesizing various talks, sessions and conversation at VMWorld 2013, my take is that the future (3-10 years from now) will be a bit different.   The big talk at this conference is the software defined data center, and if 50% of the talk is true and the results can come to fruition, here are some things I believe may happen.

1. Compute, Storage and Networking will converge completely.

Imagine nodes or pods connected together with 40 or 100GBps links sharing storage & processing capability.   With high end chipsets and low cost storage and SSDs serving as a shared resource, the game truly changes. 

2. Storage, Networking and OS Engineers will become Virtual engineers.    

There are too many pieces of the puzzle that are converging for the islands of knowledge to live on.  The issue is that engineering is deep and we have to simple tools (VMware) that allow us to manage these 3 resources simply.

3. Infrastructure will have to grow to shrink

We are ways away from the reality of 100% convergence.   One big issue that stands in the way is the network.   Without a heavy investment in high speed networking, this strategy falls apart, as nods or pods will have to communicate with each other to share compute and storage. We'll have to grow our network first to support this intra-node communication, before we can shrink.

What do you think?  Am I right or wrong?