vnx2 data center uses Certified pre-owned VNX2 hardware has many use cases within your IT infrastructure. Whether you’re looking to add capacity to an existing system, create a test/dev environment, or putting a new storage system into your EMC environment, there are a great deal of benefits when it comes to purchasing certified pre-owned VNX2 systems, disk array enclosures (DAEs), and drives.

Cost-Effective Storage Upgrades

It’s no secret that IT budgets have been stagnant in recent years, but IT professionals still face the task of doing more with less. We understand your data may be growing faster than your budget. So, how can certified pre-owned VNX2 equipment help you fight back? You can add fully configured EMC VNX2 systems, DAEs, and drives at costs 30%-70% off OEM prices. Already own a VNX2 system? These systems will be nearing EOL sooner rather than later. If you can’t afford to refresh to the newest EMC system, adding capacity is a great way to extend the life of your VNX2.

Avoiding a Hardware Refresh

Enterprise storage life spans are getting shorter and shorter thanks to OEMs coming out with new hardware every 3-5 years. With Dell EMC announcing the new Unity systems at last year’s EMCWorld, EMC users will have to decide how this system could potentially impact their data centers. Moving to a new system can be a large project that requires lots of time, resources, and training. Not to mention concerns about new technology. IT managers must make the best decision when implementing new storage systems into their environment. Buying certified pre-owned VNX2 may be a good alternative for anyone hesitant to integrate new technology into your IT infrastructure.

Unexpected Data Growth

So, your company has just launched a new product. You’ve made plans for getting the IT infrastructure in place and added more storage. Flash forward a few months, and you have received alerts that your storage is at 80% capacity. While it is good your product launch was successful, you weren’t prepared for the unexpected growth. Certified pre-owned VNX2 drives and DAEs are good solutions for this problem. Upgrading your storage with drives helps you increase ROI without breaking the bank. Add storage as needed to fight unexpected data growth.

Choosing Certified Pre-Owned

These are just a few scenarios where certified pre-owned VNX2 equipment can solve capacity issues and more. As the World’s #1 Reseller of Certified Pre-Owned Storage Hardware & Support, we can offer tested and certified VNX2 hardware at 30%-70% off OEM prices. Want to learn more about our EMC VNX2 options? Reach out to one of our EMC storage specialists today.