Now Is The Time For EMC

Whether you need to complete an EMC storage project before the end of the year or planning your 2012 environment upgrades, now is the best time to consider used EMC storage. If you simply need more fibre channel capacity or are looking to build out disaster recovery environment, used EMC hardware can provide you with a complete solution at a price that is surprisingly affordable. Here’s how.

The Year-End Budget Crunch

As the end of the year approaches, finishing IT projects with the remnants of this year’s budget can be a daunting task. Your ideal solution appears to be far outside of your budget constraints, and you’re running out of time to find a solution you can afford. So, how will you find storage solutions with an affordable price tag?

Used Makes It Possible

If you believe your ideal storage solution is out of your price range, deploying used storage can make that solution a project you can afford. At this time of the year, when the budget is tight, used hardware can help you save 60-70% and complete your year-end projects within your time and budget constraints.

  • Used Storage Saves You Thousands: Projects like DR sites and capacity optimization may appear to be outside your budget, but deploying used EMC hardware can help you purchase up to 100% more storage than if you had purchased new equipment alone.
  • Used EMC Storage Is Dependable: Used hardware is not altered or refurbished in any way (at least not at Reliant!). Used EMC storage will have the same quality performance that you expect from new gear, but will cost your enterprise significantly less to purchase.

Used Hardware for Environment Expansion

Do you think that this year’s storage trends are outside of your budget range? Would you like to expand your disaster recovery site, but think it’s too expensive? Used storage from EMC, like the EMC CLARiiON series, can provide you with affordable storage solutions for your production, development, or disaster recovery environments. Utilizing used EMC storage allows you to purchase 50-100% more capacity for the same price as new without sacrificing quality or support levels.

Building a disaster recovery environment, for example, is much more cost effective when you deploy used EMC equipment. Used hardware will protect your mission critical data in the same way as new gear, while providing you better savings over new equipment. More, you can purchase excess capacity, allowing you to plan for storage growth or protect more critical applications at your DR site. Used EMC equipment can be put under warranty from independent maintenance providers, giving you the data protection and peace of mind that your enterprise needs.

Used Hardware to Optimize Capacity

Storage Magazine ranked capacity optimization as one of the three top trends in enterprise storage. So, how can you improve your performance while staying under within this year’s budget?

If your IT department is demanding faster systems for applications or more space for expanding data, used hardware can be the solution for a budget-sensitive project. Through data tiering, you can optimize you environment capacity by shifting less critical data to used storage arrays and running your most important applications on your fastest storage hardware. Instead of deploying faster, expensive hardware throughout your environment, choose used storage equipment to store your Tier 2 and Tier 3 data instead.

For example, a used EMC CLARiiON CX4 would be an affordable option for enterprise storage tiering methods. You can manage less critical data on used hardware while improving the speed of your applications. Deploying used hardware can help you save thousands when you optimize your capacity with storage tiering or other strategies.

Looking to improve your storage environment with used EMC hardware? Reliant Technology can help you achieve your goals and reduce your storage costs. Talk to a dedicated Reliant Storage Specialist today to get the storage you need at a price you can afford.