Reliant Technology

By Reid Smith-Vaniz

These days company culture is key to maintaining a competitive advantage. Culture, simply defined, is the written or unwritten set of values your company ascribes to following. I believe that every policy, plan or project either helps or hurts company culture and it's important to reflect on choices to see how they will help or hurt your team. In regards to storage here are 3 ways I believe it directly impacts culture and the retention of key employees.

#1. Adequate space for business units to proper testing and quality assurance.

Quality is not culture - it is a given. You have to get this right just to play the game. With proper testing and quality assurance comes the peace of mind from customers and internal teammates that the company is committed to quality, and that commitment is the energy that one often needs to feel that the company has his or her proverbial back.

#2. Adequate space for DBAs

Database Administrators carry a lot of weight inside the IT organization and for good reason - they are the "keepers of the data". When DBAs have enough space to make true copies of production databases for backups and testing, this is a benefit IT directors and CIOs can sell to attract top DBA talent, attracting the DBAs that truly care about craftsmanship.

#3. Email Retention

There is no quicker way to have an enterprise wide complain-o-thon then to cut down email storage space. With GMAIL offering 25GB of space to corporate users it's easy for teammates to say "GMAIL gives us 25GB why can't we?" Email these days, whether we like it or not is an enterprise application, and by providing enough space for all employees it provides a framework to reduce friction due to complaining. The key is to list it as a benefit that you offer. Little things add up.

Storage space whether on a midrange storage array or your brand new apartment will impact your culture and how you operate. What are your ideas on how data storage impacts company culture?