Third-Party NetApp Support

Whether your NetApp storage array has become End-of-Life or your enterprise needs to find a more cost-effective maintenance solution, third-party maintenance providers can help you find NetApp support at up to 60% savings.

When investigating third-party NetApp support and maintenance and solutions, make sure your maintenance provider can offer these five benefits:

  1. Accelerated Service: To keep your mission-critical NetApp storage environment operating, rapid response and accelerated service are necessary for any support contract. Need a replacement NetApp disk drive in a hurry? With responsive storage consultants and expert engineers, third-party maintenance companies often exceed the service level agreements of the traditional OEM maintenance contracts so you can keep your mission-critical hardware up and running.
  2. Progressive Maintenance Solutions: To get your failed NetApp hardware running in as little as 15 minutes, Reliant Technology provides high-performance options like On-Site Spare Kits to keep your mission-critical environment operational. On-Site Spare kits help reduce downtime in your NetApp storage environment and reduce the stress level of IT administrators. While ordering new parts from the manufacturer can take days, replacing failed hardware can be fast and easy with an On-Site Spare Kit.
  3. Single Point of Contact: Third party maintenance contract can help simplify your SAN environment management and administration. Because they support a wide variety of hardware brands, third party maintenance contracts can cover a range of products and reduce the number of individual maintenance contracts necessary to maintain your NetApp storage environment.
  4. Flexible Contracts: Need 24x7x365 third-party NetApp support for your most critical environment? Looking for next day delivery on replacement parts? Third-party maintenance providers like Reliant Technology allow you to choose the support level that meets your needs while saving up to 60%.
  5. Cost Savings of up to 60%: Third party maintenance solutions are designed to provide affordable, cost-effective maintenance solutions that meet the needs of your enterprise storage environment. Third-party NetApp support solutions can help you save up to 60% while still providing quality service and highly responsive service level agreements. When budget constraints tighten, third-party maintenance can help you cut costs while maintaining support for your NetApp storage hardware.

Interested in a third-party maintenance solution for your NetApp hardware? Reliant provides NetApp support that meets or exceeds OEM standards. Talk to a dedicated Reliant Storage Specialist today.