What NOT to Do with Your EMC CX3

Not sure what to do with your End-of-Life EMC CX3 storage hardware? Whether your array is sitting empty in your warehouse or still humming along in your SAN environment, we’ve created a list of dos and don’ts to help you get the most value out of your end-of-life CLARiiON system.

DON’T Let Your Hardware Sit Idle in the Data Center.

An End-of-Life deadline from the manufacturer doesn’t mean its useful life is over. Enterprise IT teams can continue to use their EOL EMC CLARiiON hardware as long as it continues to meet the requirements of the SAN environment. Don’t let your hardware sit and gather dust when you can optimize your investment by repurposing the gear elsewhere.

  • DO THIS INSTEAD: Repurpose Your EMC CX3. If you won’t be using your EMC CX3 for your production environment, it can still play a valuable part in your SAN infrastructure. Your EMC CX3 CLARiiON system can make a great target for disk backup, help you upgrade or improve your disaster recovery environment, support a remote office, or simply help you add additional capacity to your production environment.

DON’T Operate Your Hardware Without a Maintenance Contract.

While maintenance can be extended on End-of-Life hardware for a limited time, the hefty price tag can put too much pressure on a tight IT budget. Instead of giving up on support and maintenance completely, consider a third-party maintenance contract for your EOL EMC CX3.

  • DO THIS INSTEAD: Investigate Third-Party Maintenance Contracts. Third-party maintenance contracts for EOL hardware, like the EMC CX3, can provide 24x7 EMC hardware support with savings of up to 40%. With service level agreements that meet or exceed those of the manufacturer, third party maintenance contracts can meet the service needs of the enterprise with responsive storage consultants and accelerated service.

DON’T Throw Your Hardware Away.

You don’t want to lose the opportunity to recover value from your EMC storage hardware. If you have additional gear that your IT team isn’t using, don’t simply roll it out to the trash next to those old cubes and chairs. Third party vendors can offer your enterprise cash or hardware credit for your used EMC gear.

  • DO THIS INSTEAD: Sell Your Hardware with an Asset Recovery Program. Get cash or hardware credit for your EMC storage hardware through an Asset Recovery Program. With a hardware credit, you can make your next hardware upgrade a viable and affordable option. If you no longer have a purpose for your CX3, recover some of your investment by selling it to a third-party storage vendor.

Interested in learning more about an alternative EMC CX3 solution? Our storage experts can offer creative solutions to help you maximize your hardware investment. Talk to a dedicated Reliant Storage Specialist today.