The 3 Myths About Independent Hardware SupportBy Kyle Christopher

Going with the hardware manufacturer for your hardware maintenance is a mistake many people repeatedly make. Many times, independent hardware support technicians can provide much better service than you would receive from the manufacturer and at a better price. Better yet, many independent service personnel have broader experience working with a variety of brands and equipment. Most hardware manufacturers rely on third-party providers to resolve your hardware issues themselves! These third-party providers may be invisible to you, the customer but eliminating the middleman and finding a third-party provider yourself can save you a lot of time and money.

Let’s consider these three myths when it comes to considering independent technicians.

Myth #1: Independent technicians aren’t really capable of handling hardware issues.

Independent technicians are actually better equipped to handle hardware issues. They generally have a broader experience base than the hardware manufacturers who may only be trained within their brand. And independent technicians generally have a lot more experience in the field.

Myth #2: Support from the hardware manufacturer is just easier.

Having support coverage from the hardware manufacturer doesn’t mean it’s easier to get the help you need when you need it. Independent technicians are specifically dedicated to solving hardware issues. These are the experts in the field that are on call around the clock to assist with any hardware problem you may have. That is why the hardware manufacturers generally rely on them so heavily.

Myth #3: The manufacturer can provide better service.

This is simply not true. The manufacturer is divided between many areas of responsibility. Keep in mind that the manufacturer is running a business and so selling hardware is their primary focus. A dedicated independent technician focuses on the single goal of delivering hardware support. This results in faster and better service with unparalleled expertise.

Can you afford the financial and time risks that are associated with the technician from the hardware manufacturer? The unfortunate truth is that they may just be trying to sell you something that you may not need, whereas a third-party technician can offer a broader array of services, experience and expertise. This results in better capability of handling hardware issues, easier and faster support, and experience with a trustworthy source that is not going to try to sell you a solution that won’t work for you. What has been your experience with technicians from the hardware manufacturer versus third-party technicians?