Working in the IT industry means being able to change at a moment’s notice. There are emerging technologies pushing the boundaries and challenging the status quo of how we manage data.

These new technologies have made their way into many industries and sectors of business, but we specifically see the change in data storage hardware support. Many are left wondering “how can I keep up with data storage trends without the funds?”

IT managers know this all too well. They must constantly work within budget and operational constraints. One of the largest constraints being OEM support prices skyrocketing after the initial maintenance agreement ends, making third party support an inevitable part of maintaining your data center.

With third party support offering savings of up to 70%, IT managers can now keep up with new technological trends like big data analytics, the Cloud, and green data center initiatives  without breaking the bank.

Moving to the Cloud

The advent of the cloud has shaken up the data storage world, to say the least. More and more often we’re seeing companies move hardware out of their data centers and putting some of their workload in the cloud. While this tactic minimizes the burden of day to day management, it also has an impact on IT infrastructure as a whole.

With more workload moving to the cloud so will more funds. This is an issue because this leaves the most critical applications, that cannot be moved to the cloud, on legacy hardware. So, what can you do to ensure that your internal data center doesn’t fall by the wayside while utilizing the cloud?

A good way to stretch your shrinking data center budget is to take advantage of the cost-saving benefits of third party maintenance. Independent support vendors can offer the same level of expertise as the OEM at a fraction of the cost, allowing you to beat budget constraints while enjoying the convenience of the cloud.

Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics has become a mainstay in data centers  thanks to its ability to provide insights on large data sets. This allows IT managers to solve cumbersome storage challenges. To reap the full benefits of big data analytics, there is a need to balance high-performance and high-capacity systems. The issue lies in the need to focus heavily on both. Thanks to shrinking IT budgets, organizations may sometimes feel as if they have to choose between high speed and usable capacity.

Our suggestion is to utilize third party support for archive and backup arrays. Archived data usually doesn't need to be accessed as frequently which will allow you to focus on optimizing performance.

Decreasing Environmental Footprint with IT

Creating a sustainable data center approach has become a top priority for IT leaders. Power and electronics waste has continued to grow exponentially as technology demands increase.

Green initiatives are especially crucial for IT departments due to storage, server, and network components having hazardous materials. These types of equipment should be safely disposed of and recycled when possible.

Using a third party support vendor can help your organization handle waste more effectively. Many independent support vendors, like Reliant, can assist you with proper equipment disposal.

Outside of the sustainability aspect, the need is greater for data storage hardware. Companies can’t afford to ignore decommissioned equipment due to the sensitive data that it has stored. Organizations should implement data protections that include data wiping and other IT Asset Disposition strategies.

Is Third-Party Support Right For You?

There are a number of ways many companies can find value in third party support. Let us help you extend the life of your legacy hardware while you keep pace with emerging technology trends. To learn more about third party maintenance, reach out to one of our dedicated support specialists at 1.877.227.0828.