Reliant Technology

By Angela Culver, Director of Marketing

My first day at Reliant was atypical – and definitely refreshing. Here are a couple of take-aways from Day 1…

#1. Shortest Distance Between 2 Points is Not Always the Straightest Line

I started out the morning fresh and bright eyed and looking forward to my first day. I jumped into my car at 7:30am anticipating no longer than an hour commute for a 32-mile trek. Wrong! 2 hours later I finally arrived at the office. Unfortunately Google maps does not have a rush hour and/or lousy weather modification button.

Google Maps gave me two options – I selected the shortest distance. However, picking the shortest route is not always the best route. On the way home I experienced the same conditions as the morning commute – however, I took the path less traveled even though it was 3 miles longer and arrived home in 35 minutes. Take-away was simply plan ahead! Regardless if you take a Train, Trek or Toyota to your new job, it’s smart to test drive the route prior to the first day. By doing so I would have probably experienced a little less angst.

#2. Good Bones

Good Bones is a term frequently used in the real estate industry. A home with “good bones” is usually a house that is well built, has a solid infrastructure, character and a nice air to it.

This is Reliant.

#3. Hi Ho Hi Ho – Status Quo is Not the Work We Know

Early on in the interview process I had a sense that this was not a Status Quo type of company and this was confirmed on Day 1. On the first day with most organizations you typically spend 2 to 3 hours with HR filling out paperwork and sitting through a canned welcome training segment. At Reliant the beginning of the day was spent with a few of the team members and learning first hand how they work together. Then the day wrapped with a discussion of my overall objectives with my manager. Oh and that HR paperwork – less than 30 minutes.

Key Take-away is that when a company is positioned to be a disruptor in a market – looking at alternative methods and shaking up the standard mix will more likely generate a positive response.

#4. Reid Likes to Read

Reid Smith-Vaniz, the CEO of Reliant Technology is an enthusiast learner – a trait I find very refreshing in a leader. Over the short period of time that I have known Reid I have discovered that he absorbs a tremendous amount of knowledge from books, blogs, articles and other content resources and applies the vast variety of knowledge to his everyday life. Throughout the day he sited a couple resources that he has used as inspiration and guidance in putting together the company’s core values. What does this mean to me? As the leader of Reliant, Reid is willing to learn from others and experiment with what he has learned to build the best company in our market. This is a trait that I see carried through to the company culture.

#5. A Bunch of Good Eggs Working Hard, Having Fun and Focused on Delivering Results

What a pleasant group of people. When I arrived Reid gave me a tour of office and introduced the team. Everyone was very friendly and genuinely welcomed me to the organization. To add on to the excitement, the company holiday party was this past weekend and everyone was talking about what a great event and how much fun was had by all. It was refreshing to hear such a positive response to a work-sponsored event.

From my past experience, a Company that works hard and plays hard together typically creates a synergistic environment and delivering results are just a natural progression.

Now I am wondering if Day 2 is going to top Day 1. What a great start – and I am definitely looking forward to this journey and being part of this awesome team!

Interested in learning more about a career at Reliant Technology? Reliant is always looking for talented individuals to join our team. Check out the Reliant Technology Careers page to learn more.