Server Virtualization

Storage managers increasingly searching for efficiency are turning to virtualization, storage tiering, and other strategies that they feel will reduce their costs and improve their productivity. The numbers say it all: interest in these and other storage strategies is rising rapidly in an effort to produce higher performance while reducing costs.


Fibre Channel storage systems are the top choice for server virtualization. Though DAS, NAS, and iSCSI SAN systems provide for smaller sections of the market, Fibre Channel storage seems to be leading the pack in the market of server virtualization.

Let’s review the stats:

  • Over 45% of respondents stated that they chose Fibre Channel storage for their virtual servers because it was convenient, but also because they feared that other storage would not provide adequate performance.*
  • DAS, NAS, and iSCSI provide storage for virtualized for a combined 40% of respondents.*
  • 63% of respondents use more storage with virtual servers than they did in the past.*
  • 50% plan to manage storage for virtual servers by purchasing new tools or equipment.*

However, the most important storage statistic says:

  • 15% say they will purchase an array or appliance to virtualize their storage in 2011.*

Storage Tiering:

Efficiency seems to be a top priority for those looking to improve their storage environments. Automated storage tiering is also gaining popularity, rebounding from the growth-prohibitive nickname ‘information lifecycle management.’

Overall, consumers are beginning to look for new investments where they can gain efficiency and reduce costs:

  • 27% of respondents are already using automated storage tiering (AST).*
  • 32% are evaluating AST for future use, and 12% plan to buy in the next year.*

*Storage Magazine, October 2011.

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