Tips to Sell Your Dream Storage Project to the CIO

When your dream data storage project tallies six figures and boasts an endless list of technical details, selling your dream data storage project to the CIO can be a complex and difficult conversation.

A recent article on offers some helpful hints about how to ensure you’re able to sell the value of an EMC storage project or NetApp storage solution to the powers-that-be.

Reporting from the Afcom Data Center Conference, gathered advice from various IT professionals in a causal roundtable discussion.

Participants in the roundtable discussion, particularly IT managers, suggested strategies for presenting project requests and equipment purchases to the CIO and others with IT purchasing power.

Here are three tips to sell your dream data storage project:

  1. Explain the Project in Business Terms: Present the benefits of the project, as well as consequences of not implementing the project, in concrete terms that include ROI, man-hours, and payback period.
  2. Keep Presentations Short and Simple: Busy CIOs may not have time for a lengthy presentation and detailed equipment requests. One IT manager suggested that project requests should be composed of a one-page project summary and a prepared 5-minute presentation.
  3. Make the Project Tangible: When new data storage hardware is installed, one IT manager goes the extra mile to make the project as visual and tangible as possible. He invites the finance team to visit the data center and see the new equipment they helped to purchase.

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