If you're an IT asset manager, a CIO, or an IT director, and you care about saving a ton of money and getting visibility into your IT assets and contracts, we have built a free platform you can use to make that happen. You can load unlimited assets into the platform, and it features a CSV bulk import feature where you can upload these assets. We've also created a product catalog with over 6,000 EOL and EOSL dates to help you proactively plan your IT infrastructure. You can sort the assets by field, and if you don't like the order the fields that listed, you can move them around as well.

If you want to find everything in your environment that's end of life or approaching EOL, and you want to create a plan for that asset, you can now do that. You do this via the new planning feature. Let's say you have a NetApp system with an upcoming contract end date. You can create a date in the future that will appear on your timeline in the header of the assets section, and you can set a notification to remind you of the upcoming date, either in the platform, via email, or both. To find any asset for which you’ve created a plan, you search for the model in the search field. When you click on the asset, you'll see a chart of the asset life cycle, which will feature when it went EOL and any refresh that you scheduled for the future. If you want to see the notes of that planning event, they are also right there.

You have the ability to add a plan for one or all of your assets. If you want to find any assets that don't have a plan, you can just simply select no plans in the filter area and find those assets. Every asset should have a plan to help identify the budget and savings opportunities.

A few other features we have added is the ability to add unlimited team members, so you can avoid those dreaded information silos.

Last but not least, we've also added IT contract management. Instead of having a contract system and an IT asset management system, you now can have one platform that connects the two. You can upload unlimited contracts and tie the assets directly to their contract. This feature lets click into one of your assets and see how many days are left in and the total cost of the contract. You actually can link the MSA associated with the contract and link all the associated assets to the contract!

Now with the RTAM platform, you have the ability to combine asset management, contract management, and planning in one place. We'd love to give you a detailed demo and discuss your requirements, talk about how to put the platform to work for you, so you can save 50% across the enterprise. Sign up for a free demo today!