We have scoured the web for our favorite posts and articles about all things data storage from industry news to interesting insights, and now we’re bringing them right to you. So what are we reading? This week, IBM storage has a new boss and many used hard drives from eBay and Craigslist contain leftover data.

This week’s top articles come from a variety of sources: The Register, iTWire, and more.

1. 19 Techniques to Control the Chaos in Data Storage

From ComputerWorld

 “There’s very little in this world that can’t generate data – anything that has measurable activity will do it. That includes nearly everything in the business environment, and organizations’ demand for that information is insatiable. But before data can be analyzed and acted upon...

2. 8 Hot Trends in Data Storage

From icrunchdatanews

"Data storage and data management are two of the biggest worries in this big data world. Data scientists are working day and night to improve storage and develop newer trends in order to have better storage for the huge sets of structured data...