reliant reading list tablet We have scoured the web for our favorite posts and articles about all things IT from industry news to interesting trends, and now we’re bringing them right to you. This week, Facebook will be opening a new data center and cell phone storage reaches new heights.

This week’s Reliant Reading List features articles from a number of sources: TheRegister, Data Center Journal, TechSpective and more.

1.UK Businesses Urged to Prepare for GDPR Data Protection Laws

"The government has warned British businesses and charities to make sure they are prepared for the new data protection laws set to be introduced as part of..."

From ITProPortal

2.New Year’s Resolutions: Putting Cybersecurity at the Top of Your List for 2018

"It’s that time of year again when we all reminisce on the past year and make resolutions for how we can do better in the year ahead—especially when it comes to cybersecurity..."

From TechSpective

3.The Difference Between Hybrid WAN and SD-WAN

"The two terms hybrid WAN and SD-WAN are often wrongly treated as interchangeable. Hybrid WAN is the practice of routing traffic over multiple connectivity paths. Software-defined..."

From Data Center Journal

4.Half a Terabyte in Your Smartphone? Yup. That's Possible Now

"Here's a challenge: do you reckon you can fill half-a-terabyte of memory using only a smartphone? For some people, we're sure, the answer will be along the lines of “hold my beer while I set my camera to..."

From TheRegister

5.Facebook Data Center Coming to Atlanta: Reports

"A Facebook data center outside of Atlanta is said to be in the works. The social network giant is eyeing a site in Stanton Springs, a master-planned development east of the city, near a Shire biotech..."

From Data Center Knowledge

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