reliant reading list tablet We have scoured the web for our favorite posts and articles about all things IT from industry news to interesting trends, and now we’re bringing them right to you. This week, how to overcome network issues of high capacity flash and GDPR compliance.

This week’s Reliant Reading List features articles from a number of sources: StorageSwiss, Healthcare IT News, and more.

1.Cloud Data Leak Exposes Information on 123 Million Americans

"Time and again over the course of 2017, security researchers have discovered personally identifiable information sitting on publicly accessible Amazon S3 cloud storage instances..."

From eWeek

2.The 10 Coolest Flash Products of 2017

"Remember how complicated flash storage seemed back when businesses had a choice of SLC or MLC SSDs? Unlike those simpler times, the choices today are vast, ranging from simple..."

From CRN

3.NVMe SSD Storage Costs won't Hinder Market Takeover

"Unlike the Advance Host Controller Interface (AHCI) -- the hardware mechanism that SATA SSDs use for data flow -- the nonvolatile memory express (NVMe) protocol was..."

From Tech Target

4.The Five Most Important Things you need in your DR Plan

"If the ongoing onslaught of outages for major companies such as BA and the NHS can teach organisations anything, it’s that great disaster recovery (DR) software can only..."

From ITProPortal

5.Women in health IT blaze their own path even as gender inequality persists

"This year saw a mix of forward progress and continuing struggle for women working in health and IT. On the one hand..."

From Healthcare IT News

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