We have scoured the web for our favorite posts and articles about all things data storage from industry news highlights to interesting insights, and now we’re bringing them right to you. So, what are we reading this week?

This week’s top articles come from a variety of sources: Gartner, Reuters, SearchSDN.com, and more.

1. Open Data Center Standards: Engage or Resist?

From Gartner

Open data center standards represent a brave new world for data center infrastructure (DCI) products. This world is exemplified by three key groups. These groups are developing and sharing standards and reference designs for DCI hardware, with the aim of...

2. Who May Use the World's First Floating Data Center?

From Data Center Knowledge

After they get over the initial “huh?” when they hear about the idea of building a data center on a floating barge, infrastructure execs for big companies usually want to know...”