reliant reading list tablet We have scoured the web for our favorite posts and articles about all things IT from industry news to interesting trends, and now we’re bringing them right to you. This week, how storage tiering can lead to cost savings and an overview on data center relocations.

This week’s Reliant Reading List features articles from a number of sources: ComputerWeekly, CRN, and more.

1.SolidFire Founder Dave Wright Returns To The NetApp Stage For An Encore

"Dave Wright, founder and CEO of SolidFire when that company was acquired by NetApp, signaled his return from sabbatical Wednesday by running across..."

From CRN

2.Don’t let Lack of All Flash Array Experience Hold You Back

"There are many reasons why someone might not be using an All-Flash Array. It might be that you can’t get the budget, say, or that you think it has been over-hyped. Maybe you..."

From The Register

3.How Storage Tiering Can Lead to Cost Savings

"Storage growth isn’t slowing down, and this is pushing demand for file storage capacity. As a result, enterprise file management is top of mind for many data centers and businesses. And new storage technologies..."

From Data Center Frontier

4.Data Center Relocation: An Overview

"Relocating a data center is no small task. Unlike your average corporate move, which involves breaking down, storing, shipping and reassembling equipment, data centers must focus on other important considerations—namely, ensuring that..."

From Data Center Journal

5.Dell EMC Partners Selling More of the Unified Portfolio

"Dell EMC has seen resellers embrace more of its product portfolio since it launched its unified partner programme eight months ago..."

From ComputerWeekly

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