reliant reading list tablet We have scoured the web for our favorite posts and articles about all things IT from industry news to interesting trends, and now we’re bringing them right to you. This week, is there life after Tape and an exclusive with Pure Storage CEO on the all-flash business.

This week’s Reliant Reading List features articles from a number of sources: ITProPortal, CRN, and more.

1.CRN Exclusive: Pure Storage CEO On Fast-Changing All-Flash Storage Business And Competing With Giants

"As far as storage vendors go, Pure Storage is more of a midsize company. But when it comes to the all-flash storage business, the company sits squarely in the top five along with its much..."

From CRN

2.In Moving Production Workloads to Cloud, VMware Professionals Prefer AWS, Azure

"VMware customers are far along on the path to cloud adoption, with many opting for Amazon Web Services (AWS) as their preferred cloud platform as they shift VMware production environments off-premises..."

From Data Center Knowledge

3.Flash Memory Summit 2017: Flash Really on Fire

"Any claims that “flash is on fire” at Flash Memory Summit 2017 this week drew awkward glances, nervous laughs or groans. That’s because one flash system literally caught fire, causing the..."

From SearchStorage

4.Overcoming IT Barriers to Digital Transformation

"Today, the role of the CIO and IT department is more closely aligned than ever to business operations. This is because, in order to ensure a seamless digital transformation both CIOs..."

From ITProPortal

5.Is There Life After Tape?

"People have predicted the death of tape for a long time. But the facts are that it remains the most cost-effective, safest way to store data for long periods of time. Even when you figure in the cost..."

From StorageSwiss

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