reliant reading list tablet We have scoured the web for our favorite posts and articles about all things IT from industry news to interesting trends, and now we’re bringing them right to you. This week, high redundancy can hurt availability and see some of the coolest Flash Storage and SSD products of 2017.

This week’s Reliant Reading List features articles from a number of sources: StorageMojo, Data Center Frontier, and more.

1.10 Things Every CIO Must Know about Their Data Centers

"While data centers aren’t necessarily something CIOs think about on a daily basis, there are some essential things every executive in this role must know about their organization’s..."

From Data Center Knowledge

2.Roundtable: How the Data Center Consolidation is Evolving

"Today we continue our Data Center Executive Roundtable, a quarterly feature showcasing the insights of thought leaders on the state of the data center industry, and where it is headed..."

From Data Center Frontier

3.Solving New Data Challenges with Time-Tested Solutions

"The increase in use of digital technology within enterprises is causing a massive influx of the amount of data produced from cloud, mobile, IoT, social media, and more. Because..."

From Database Trends and Applications

4.How High Redundancy can Hurt Availability

Cloud networks are configured with high redundancy to better tolerate failures. A switch stoppage is usually a non-event because the protocols...

From Storage Mojo

5.The 10 Coolest Flash Storage And SSD Products Of 2017 (So Far)

Flash storage already was the storage media of choice for applications requiring the highest performance. But with the cost of flash...

From CRN

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