As Reliant Technology celebrates its 9 year anniversary, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on our journey. So much has changed in data storage, and the world in general, since this company was founded. We’ve come a long way from our humble start with only a handful of employees selling all types of technology out of our founder’s loft.

Now here we are almost a decade later as the world’s #1 reseller of certified pre-owned storage hardware and support.  We sat down with our CEO & Founder, Reid Smith-Vaniz to get his take on everything from his proudest accomplishments to data storage trends and more.

What are we most Proud of Accomplishing?

Employing a team of over 30 people is no small feat, but it’s one of our CEO’s proudest accomplishments. With the world’s data growing at such a quick pace, having in-depth product knowledge and expertise is paramount. After speaking with a few clients, we found that our  rapid and accurate response is what makes us a sought after partner. None of that would be possible without our team.

How has the Data Storage Industry Changed since Reliant Technology was Founded?

“If you work in the IT industry, then you know that we’re in the change business”, says RSV. Being able to adapt at a moment’s notice is what allows leading data storage vendors like EMC and NetApp to stay relevant. Not only has data storage evolved, but so have our clients needs. Since the inception of Reliant 9 years ago we’ve seen the advent of the Cloud and the move toward All-Flash arrays. More and more organizations are utilizing the Cloud for some of their workload in addition to data storage hardware. This hybrid model will likely stay around for some time.

Looking Forward to the Next 9 Years

You can find the full interview with Reid Smith-Vaniz below:

Data storage isn’t going anywhere and neither is Reliant Technology. Thank you to everyone who contributes to our success. Here’s to the next 9 years.