NetApp FAS2020 Storage Hardware

Releasing a new addition to the FAS2000 storage series, NetApp announced the new NetApp FAS2220 earlier this month as the NetApp FAS2020 was phased out and became end-of-life.

As NetApp stops selling and supporting the FAS2020, many enterprises may feel forced to upgrade if and when NetApp will no longer support the array or provide replacement parts.

Not Ready to Upgrade Your FAS2020?

Not ready to upgrade your FAS2020 just yet? Reliant Technology believes that the end user – not the manufacturer – should choose when it is proper time to upgrade your NetApp hardware.

Reliant Technology can support End-of-Life NetApp hardware and provide a wide range of end-of-life hardware, upgrades, and replacement parts to fit the needs and the budget of your enterprise.

Reliant Technology’s End-of-Life Maintenance program will continue to support your NetApp storage hardware for as long as you choose to maintain it. Whether your enterprise needs 24x7x365 or simply 9x5 hardware maintenance and support, Reliant Technology can provide affordable maintenance contracts for your End-of-Life hardware at up to 40% savings.

Choosing a maintenance contract that is tailored to fit your needs and your budget can help you maintain your NetApp FAS2020 until you choose to upgrade your storage array.

EOL Hardware Isn’t As Rare as You Think

While many manufacturers will decry using end-of-life hardware, employing used hardware with the right alternative maintenance and support plan can be a viable data storage solution for almost every enterprise.

End-of-Life hardware that is no longer available from the manufacturer is often widely available on the used market. Used NetApp hardware from Reliant Technology is thoroughly tested and evaluated before shipment to ensure that the hardware is wiped clean of data and is free of defects. Used NetApp FAS2020 hardware from Reliant Technology also comes with a 1-year, 110% warranty to guarantee functionality of the product.

With dependable hardware maintenance, quality used hardware, and replacement parts that come with a warranty, maintaining your End-of-Life FAS2020 with Reliant Technology can be easier and more affordable than you think.

Interested in maintaining your EOL NetApp gear? Reliant Technology offers used hardware and maintenance contracts to meet the needs of every enterprise. Talk to a dedicated Reliant Storage Specialist today.