Reliant Technology

Since the premiere of Undercover Boss, a trend has emerged for a boss or CEO to don a disguise and go undercover to experience the business from the viewpoint of their employees. At Reliant, we're going to skip the disguises and simply let our new hires do the talking.

Our newest Reliant Technology team member, Brian, had the opportunity to give us a firsthand account of his day at our new office in Atlanta, Georgia:

Joining a new company is always a whirlwind of emotions. There's the excitement, emotional investment coming to fruition, fitting in with the new team and culture, and the seemingly daunting task of bringing yourself up to speed. All of these feelings are typical.

My perception of Reliant Technology was that they are not your typical company and my first day confirmed this.

There were a few things that I did not do my first day on the job:

  • I did not spend an exorbitant amount of time mindlessly filling out paperwork.
  • I did not flip through a 200 page employee manual with an HR rep.
  • I did not sit through a cold, scripted “welcome aboard” pitch.
  • And I did not have to struggle to stay awake and interested during the aforementioned activities.

There were, however, multiple things I did do:

  • I sat down with Reliant’s Sales Director and discussed the 90-day plan they drafted specifically for me and my position.
  • I met with the owner and driving force of the company to talk about the importance of their values and strategy to the success of business, and how I fit into that vision as an individual.
  • I experienced firsthand the energetic company culture and focus on results.

I was then cut loose to explore the company intranet, get my hands on the information and resources I would be using on a daily basis, and take a look at data I would be expected to master.

Instead of going through the typical motions that may seem like torture to free thinkers, I felt like I was rewarded for having what it took to make it to this level and given the freedom and support to take myself and my performance to the next level.

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