NetApp FAS2000

The refreshed FAS2000 product line from NetApp was released this fall, alongside the updated Data ONTAP 8.1 that debuted this month. The updated FAS2000 series provides midsize businesses with the capacity and performance they need to conquer massive data growth.

NetApp has committed to renewing this product line every three years, and as this deadline approached, Netapp announced the new FAS2240 to complement the existing NetApp FAS2000 series. The product will provide several performance improvements to the FAS2040, released in 2009, as well as the FAS2020 and FAS2050, which were released in 2007.

Here are 3 outstanding updates to the Netapp FAS2000 series that can help your enterprise manage massive data growth:

  • Impressive Performance:The FAS2240, the most recent product from NetApp’s FAS2000 series, provides 2x the performance of previous generation equipment. The improvements allow customers to support demanding workloads while providing room to grow, both necessary for enterprises with demanding data requirements.
  • Unified Architecture, Greater Scalability: Enterprises find that the FAS2000 is a platform that enables them to easily upgrade their equipment as they grow. The NetApp FAS2000 series is a unified system that provides both file and block storing capabilities greater efficiency. For example, the FAS2040 can scale up to 136 TB, making it ideal for increasing amounts enterprise data.
  • Data ONTAP: The FAS2000 series operates on the latest version of Data ONTAP, software that helps you focus on managing your data, not your hardware. The simple interface provides efficiency for backup and archived data, as well as high level performance for applications.

NetApp ranks second in market share to EMC in several areas of the market, including external disk storage systems, open networked disk storage systems, and the NAS market.

Whether you are trying to keep pace with data demands or improve your environment on a limited budget, the NetApp FAS2000 series provides you with the scalability and performance you need to do more with less.

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