New Brocade Switch Supports 16 Gbps Fibre Channel Protocol

Continuing to innovate with fibre channel technology, Brocade introduced the latest Brocade switch, the Brocade 6505, on April 17, 2012.


Joining other members of the Brocade switch family, including the Brocade 6510, the Brocade 6505 is a SAN switch designed with both power and simplicity in mind.

New Brocade Switch: the Brocade 6505

Providing both simplicity and enterprise-level functionality, the Brocade 6505 is an entry-level Brocade switch that supports 2, 4, 8, or 16 Gbps fibre channel. The Brocade 6505 is the most recent Brocade SAN product to operate at 16 Gbps fibre channel protocol.

The Brocade 6505 scales from 12 to 24 ports, and ports can be purchased on demand through a software license key as additional growth is experienced.

EMC, IBM, NetApp, HDS, HP, and Fujitsu have all reported that they will offer the new Brocade switch to their customers.

New Functionality for Brocade 6505

The Brocade 6505 includes a new port design to help IT administrators reduce the time it takes to solve problems in the switching interface.

The new port, called a Diagnostic Port (D_Port), assists in identifying optics and cable problems. The advanced diagnostic capabilities of the D_Port help IT administrators to quickly isolate and solve any problems in the SAN fabric.

Bright Future for Fibre Channel

With the release of the latest Brocade switch and Brocade DCX directors, it appears that Brocade believes fibre channel technology is here to stay.

Brocade saw a 15% quarter-over-quarter increase in fibre channel switch revenue in the fourth quarter of 2011. Brocade’s revenue growth closely mirrored the 13% increase in industry-wide fibre channel switch revenue that occurred in the same quarter.

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