NetApp World Record

This month NetApp announced a world record performance achievement for NetApp storage hardware, as evaluated by the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation, also known as the SPEC. Their world record displays unmatched performance achievements, reinforcing the belief that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice flexibility for performance.

What Is SPEC?

The SPEC is a non-profit corporation created to establish and maintain a standard set of benchmarks for high-performance servers. The SPECsfs2008 NFS benchmark provides a way to compare file server throughput and response time. The standardized, peer-reviewed benchmark compares performance across different vendor platforms while remaining vendor-neutral and client-independent.

NetApp’s World Record Explained

NetApp announced six high-performing results, according to the SPECsfs2008 NSF benchmarks. NetApp used a FAS6200 series and the Data ONTAP 8 operating system to conduct the performance tests, two systems that can combine to provide a scalable, unified cluster.

  • Better Performance: NetApp produced a world record NFS performance for demanding NAS workloads with 1,512,784 ops per second, and an overall response time of 1.53ms.
  • Greater Efficiency: NetApp displayed amazing efficiency by delivering 35% higher performance and 40% faster response times with a 24-node cluster that uses 50% fewer disk drives.
  • Scalability: With NetApp clusters, nodes can be added to meet future data demands without slowing down performance time. The six benchmark results from NetApp used 4-,8-,12-,16-,20-, and 24-node clusters.

With their impressive benchmark performance, NetApp demonstrates their ability to provide flexible, scalable, high-performance infrastructure to handle the most demanding enterprise workloads. Whether you are preparing for future data demands or interested in higher-performance, look no further than NetApp’s unified storage.

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