NetApp Storage Helps Be the Match Find Matches for Bone Marrow Transplants

NetApp plans to make bone marrow transplants a little faster by donating NetApp storage hardware to Be The Match, a non-profit organization with the world's largest listing of potential bone marrow donors.

Currently collecting stories of how technology has saved lives, NetApp plans to donate a NetApp FAS 2240 to Be The Match when they collect 1,000 stories.

NetApp Storage Helps Save Lives

For organizations like Be The Match, data is the key element to saving lives.

Be The Match implemented NetApp storage equipment five years ago to improve the performance of their expanding storage environment and effectively manage the data growth of their expanding donor group.

  • NetApp hardware has helped the non-profit organization decrease the time needed to transplant bone marrow to recipients by 15%.

NetApp hardware helped increase the performance of Be The Match’s storage environment. The storage hardware increased bandwidth and improved performance, allowing Be The Match to run ten times more query matches concurrently while improving match accuracy.

Additionally, Be The Match was able to prepare for future growth and greater amounts of data. The increased scalability allowed for the data growth that Be The Match has experienced, due in part to the increasing amount of potential bone marrow donors.

The improved performance and efficiency in the storage environment facilitates faster bone marrow matches and increases the survival chances of transplant recipients.

Bright Future for Be The Match

The NetApp FAS 2240, which Be The Match will receive, will further improve the environment performance. A recent addition to the NetApp FAS 2000 series, the FAS 2240 provides 2x the performance of the previous generation array and is equipped with Data ONTAP 8.1.

Averaging about 5,500 transplants per year, Be The Match expects to arrange 6,800 bone marrow transplants this year, partly due to the improved performance of their storage environment. The organization hopes to arrange 10,000 bone marrow transplants per year by 2015.

Providing faster, more accurate matches for patients with leukemia, lymphoma, and other immune disorders helps Be The Match save lives around the nation and around the world.

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