NetApp Storage Portfolio Adds FAS2220

Building on the success of the FAS2240, NetApp recently released another new product in the NetApp storage hardware series.

The NetApp FAS2220 is an intuitive entry-level product designed to provide cutting-edge technology along with simplified management and functionality.

By providing high-performance and flexible data storage hardware, NetApp storage can help midsize enterprises improve their storage environments and prepare for future growth at a competitive price.

FAS2220 Is the Latest NetApp Storage Development

The new NetApp storage product is a unified storage system, falling in line with the rest of the NetApp FAS series that stores both block and file data in the same box.

Scaling up to 180 TB of raw storage, the NetApp FAS2220 holds up to 60 drives and can reduce disk purchases by up to 50% through increased efficiency. Additional capacity can be added seamlessly as growth occurs and the FAS2220 can be connected to other systems with the same operating systems.

The NetApp FAS2200 storage series uses the acclaimed Data ONTAP management system to help IT administrators simplify their data management. With advanced technology like Flash Pools and unified management systems, NetApp storage systems can be an affordable and effective data storage investment.

NetApp Indicates the End of the FAS2020

With their latest product release, NetApp has also signaled the end for NetApp FAS2020 storage hardware. The FAS2020 hardware has reached the End-of-Availability date and is no longer available for purchase.

The NetApp FAS2020 hardware will be supported by NetApp until it becomes End-Of-Life and is no longer eligible for maintenance and support from the manufacturer. At this point, users who want to continue to use their NetApp FAS2020 hardware can utilize NetApp third-party maintenance options in order to maintain their hardware.

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