NetApp Storage Hardware Shipments Grow

NetApp has reached some important revenue milestones this quarter including strong performances from three distinct NetApp hardware lines, according to their recent Q3 fiscal report.

NetApp storage hardware performance was a highlight of the third quarter 2012 report:

  • NetApp shipped 10% more NetApp FAS 2240 hardware this quarter than they did in the previous quarter. Known for its impressive performance and support of ONTAP 8.1, the hardware was introduced as an addition to the FAS 2000 line last fall.
  • Through the Technology Saves Lives initiative, NetApp plans to donate a NetApp FAS 2240 to Be The Match, an organization that facilitates bone marrow transplants.

  • The NetApp FAS 3000 series saw a 22% increase in shipments from the previous quarter. Scaling up to 504 TB with up to 16 GB of cache memory, the NetApp FAS 3000 series provides excellent scalability and performance to handle a wide variety of enterprise needs.
  • The NetApp FAS6000 series experienced 40% quarter-to-quarter increase in the number of shipments. Built to handle the most demanding enterprise workloads, the FAS 6000 series combines impressive performance, high bandwidth, and scalability to meed the demands of mission critical applications.

Shipping record amounts of capacity (1 exabyte in total!) and an increasing amount of hardware helped NetApp to reach record revenue levels for their third quarter of 2012, which ended January 27th.

  • Revenue Holds Strong: NetApp closed their quarter with total revenue of $1.6 billion, up 23% from the same quarter the previous year. NetApp states that 78% of total revenue came from channel partners.
  • This is the 9th consecutive quarter that NetApp has experienced year-to-year revenue growth above 20%.

  • Earnings Fall Short: Income for the quarter is down 35% from the same quarter in the previous year. NetApp reported income of $120 million in comparison to the $186 million from the same quarter one year ago.
  • The storage vendor states that the decrease in earnings can be attributed to costs associated with new customer acquisitions.

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