netappend of supportWith the end of the quarter quickly approaching, it can be difficult to keep up with NetApp product lifecycle milestones. Here at Reliant, we understand that knowing End of Life dates is half the battle when it comes to optimizing your NetApp environment. So to help you better plan and enhance your data center, we wanted to bring you the latest End of Support dates for NetApp.

NetApp FAS3140 3/31/2017

NetApp FAS3160 3/31/2017

NetApp FAS3170 3/31/2017

Don’t see your NetApp filers on this list, but want to know when they will reach a product lifecycle milestone? Check our NetApp EOA & EOS information page. We update this page frequently in order to keep you in the loop on NetApp hardware announcements.

What happens now that my hardware is EOS?

It is important to understand you still have options even after your NetApp filers reach End of Availability or End of Support. EOS simply means after the aforementioned date NetApp will no longer support your filer. No longer offering support is just a tactic Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) use to move you to the latest generation of hardware. But there’s no need to abandon a productive and efficient storage environment just because the OEM will no longer support the equipment. Instead you can begin to explore NetApp third party support options. With Reliant Technology’s support you can keep your EOS equipment. With 5 levels of support, on-site spares kits, and contracts designed to co-terminate, all while saving you money on your IT support budget.

What now?

Now that you know what’s going End of Support in your storage environment, you can begin to plan your next steps when it comes to support and more. Want to know when your hardware support contracts are going to run out? Use Reliant10x - a free cloud based tool designed to help you track your IT assets, renew support contracts, and stay in the loop on product lifecycle milestones. To learn more about your options for EOS NetApp filers, reach out to a dedicated NetApp storage and support specialist or give us a call at 1.877.227.0828.