The NetApp DS4243

Need to expand the capacity of your current NetApp array without a system upgrade?

Deploying a NetApp DS4243 disk shelf can help you add the capacity you need and increase performance without a complete SAN environment upgrade.

In the Spotlight: NetApp DS4243

The NetApp disk expansion unit provides the extra capacity you need to meet increasing data demands and manage future data growth. Announced as the first SAS-based storage enclosure from NetApp, the DS4243 provides greater disk density with the flexibility your enterprise needs.

Functional and Progressive NetApp Hardware

The DS4243 supports both NetApp SATA and SAS drives to provide maximum performance in your disk enclosure. Holding up to 24 SATA or SAS drives, the disk enclosure offers speeds of up to 3 Gbps with improved disk density and greater bandwidth in comparison to the previous generation hardware.

Supported by almost all NetApp FAS arrays, the DS4243 is can provide functional disk expansion for all FAS storage except for the NetApp FAS2020. Whether you need to increase your array performance or simply store more data, the NetApp DS4243 can help you make your SAN environment projects a reality.


The NetApp DS4243 is widely available on the new and used storage hardware market. Released in 2009, the product is available in both new and used condition as companies take out their existing disk expansion units and upgrade their systems.

Used NetApp DS4243 hardware can be found at up to 70% savings through alternative data storage providers like Reliant Technology. New, used, and refurbished NetApp hardware from Reliant Technology comes with a 1-year, 110% warranty and is inspected and evaluated for quality assurance before shipment.

Interested in a new, used, or refurbished NetApp disk enclosure? Reliant's storage experts can help you find the NetApp hardware you need that meets your data demands as well as your budget constraints. Talk to a dedicated Reliant Storage Specialist today.