NetApp Disk Drives Support World's #1 Supercomputer

According to the most recent benchmarking contest, the number one supercomputer in the world resides on American soil. The Sequoia, which was launched almost two months ago, outperformed rival supercomputers by reaching 16.32 petaflops.

The Sequoia took the number one worldwide ranking by surpassing the petaflop performance of supercomputers in Japan, China, Italy, Germany, and others.

In supercomputer performance, the US had been trailing China for the past year but surpassed the Chinese performance when the Sequoia claimed the number one spot.

Sequoia Fueled by NetApp Disk Drives

The Sequoia, which is housed in the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, is designed to be a computational powerhouse. Constructed by IBM, the American supercomputer is supported by 55 PB of NetApp disk drives.

To function as the world’s most powerful computer, the Sequoia needs an extremely powerful storage system. The Sequoia runs 20 PB of disk storage that equates to 1,000 1 TB drives. NetApp announced that they had been chosen to supply NetApp disk drives for the supercomputer in September of 2011.

The supercomputer also contains 1.57 million cores and can process 16.32 quadrillion calculations per second. The NetApp disk drives reside in a liquid-cooled NetApp E-Series storage platform.

World’s Top Supercomputer Extends the Life of Aging Weapons

The California supercomputer is designed to monitor and manage the performance of the country’s aging nuclear weapons.

The high-performance system simulates nuclear explosions to a degree that was previously thought to be impossible without physical testing. Since the physical testing of nuclear weapons ended in 1992, the Sequoia will enable scientists to have a greater understanding of the nuclear stockpile as they continue to age.

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