netapp fas3240 priceWe get that question a lot. The FAS3240 is a very popular filer from the NetApp FAS series, and a favorite on the market right now. No matter the system, pricing questions usually lead the pack when it comes to storage, networking, and server hardware.

How much is a FAS3240?

Pricing questions can be tricky because the answer depends, which doesn’t help when making your decision on a new data center purchase. To help you decide, we will go through some factors that will affect pricing for a FAS3240. A common mistake is to assume that there’s a blanket price for a FAS3240. The truth is that factors like which applications you use, capacity needs, and other specifications can cause the price of your system to vary. Here at Reliant, we take a consultative approach. So instead of giving you a set price for a FAS3240, we ask questions to learn about your environment and needs. This helps us ensure that you aren’t overpaying for something you don’t need.

Let’s go over some factors that can influence the cost of a FAS3240.

Usable Capacity: How many terabytes do you need?

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you can’t purchase a FAS3240 on its own, you will need drives for that system. So it is important to understand how many terabytes of capacity you will need for your filer. The amount of storage space you need will definitely impact price. Also keep in mind that 60TB raw capacity isn’t actually 60TB. Read more about raw vs. usable capacity when planning for space on your FAS3240.

Drive Types: Which drives do you need?

Which types of drives you use in your FAS3240 will also affect prices. While SSDs and Hard disk drives have more comparable pricing, it is important to think about which drives will best benefit your storage environment. Do you plan on hosting databases? Then a larger drive size, like NL-SAS, would be best. Need more faster performance? Then you’ll want SSDs. We will ask you questions and walk you through the best configuration for your FAS3240 based on your application needs and more.

Support for a FAS3240

When purchasing your NetApp filer you should also account for support and maintenance needs. Being that FAS3240 filers went End of Availability (EOA) in 2013 and are approaching End of Support (EOS) next year, you should consider third party support options. All our hardware comes with a 1-year replacement warranty, but if you need a more comprehensive support solution that includes features like remote monitoring and on-site spares, that will affect the overall cost of a FAS3240.

Other Considerations to Keep in Mind

When it comes to a FAS3240, or any storage system really, there is room for a great deal of customization. Make sure to think about any upgrades or specifications for your FAS3240. Things like configuring your filer for high availability and other accessories like performance accelerator cards will factor into your bottom line.

Ready to buy a FAS3240?

Now you know some of the factors that can impact the price of your FAS3240. Still not sure where to start? Our free IT savings report will give you a rundown on how much you can save on a FAS3240 and any other hardware you may be looking for. To learn more about cost-variants when it comes to a FAS3240 visit Reliant10x or reach out to one of our dedicated NetApp storage and support specialists at 1.877.227.0828.