IT Asset Management toolThere’s much more to IT asset management (ITAM) than simply tracking your assets in one place. If done correctly, IT managers stand to proactively plan, deploy, support, and retire every asset they own according to their specific goals and business objectives. This can seem like a tall order, especially if you don’t know where to begin. Here are a few features to take advantage of in our IT asset management platform to get you started on the road to full visibility of your IT environment.

Asset Management

IT asset managementHaving a single source for all your organization’s IT assets is the first step in reaping the benefits of lifecycle planning and asset management. The management aspect of this tool offers you the ability to:

  • View and export asset data
  • Filter assets based on name, location, and EOL date
  • Request quotes on necessary hardware upgrades, support, and services.

Just getting started?This feature offers an easy to use uploader with the functionality to add assets individually or in bulk.

Insights & Reporting

Hardware asset managementOnce you have uploaded your asset information into the portal, the dashboard feature provides a full snapshot of your environment through the form of different reports and stats. You will be able to then identify any gaps in your infrastructure, like mismatched SLAs for support or lapses in coverage on mission-critical hardware. Having this feature gives you the benefit of knowing exactly where your hardware is in it’s specific lifecycle, then being able to take proactive steps to increase cost savings, extend the life of your hardware, and plan for new purchases.


Hardware asset managementNow that you know what hardware your environment consists of, you can begin filling any current needs you may have with our Knowledgebase feature. Use the search capability to research products for reviews, potential upgrades, support options, and more. This feature offers the ability to quickly find the right product for your specific needs by giving key hardware details like tech specs, compatibility information, and end of life dates.

Ready to get started?

These are just a few features in the Reliant asset management portal designed to help you manage, protect, and optimize your entire IT infrastructure. Ready to get started on your ITAM and lifecycle planning strategy? Create your login to access all these features today.