By Reid Smith-Vaniz 

At the opening of VMWorld 2013 the CEO (name) of VMWare noted that one of his goals is to have all computers 100% virtualized. While most organizations range from 30-80% virtualized, few have reached this point where are servers and for that matter, desktops are 100% virtual.

What we are hearing is that servers have been being virtualized at a steady rate over the last 8 years or so, and heavy workloads such as SAP, Oracle, SQL and others are some that remain to jump on the virtual bandwagon.  One issue is risk, another is performance, the ultimate is fear- fear that it won't work.

As we approach 100% virtualization here are some questions to consider:

1. Why are enterprises not 100% virtual?

2. What is the impact of 100% virtualization?

3. When is the right time to go 100% virtual?

4. What is the impact of the desktop, network and storage infrastructure if this comes to fruition?

After serveral days of talk of the software-defined data center, it is clear that the game is slowly changing, but it will take time, resources and blowing past grounded mindsets to make it happen.