infrastructure savings reportProperly optimizing your IT infrastructure can be an around the clock endeavor, and depending on your data center needs, it can also be expensive. Think back to the last time you did a hardware refresh and how much it cost, or how much you’re paying to support all your server, storage, and networking equipment. However, there is hope, the secondary hardware and independent support market are full of upgrades and superior maintenance providers. But with so many vendors and data center options, researching prices for parts and support can leave any end user frustrated.


As the World’s #1 Reseller of Certified Pre-Owned Storage Hardware & Support, we take a customer-centered approach to supporting and sourcing the data center hardware you need. This means we listened to your frustrations and made a better way to find savings on used IT hardware and support. We developed the Infrastructure Savings Report - a free tool designed to calculate estimated savings on maintenance and equipment to enhance your IT infrastructure.

How Does it Work?

Our Infrastructure Savings Report puts you back in control of your data center budget by calculating the amount of savings you could get for storage, server, and networking equipment. The Savings Report process happens in two quick and easy steps:

Step 1: Once you’ve decided what hardware you want to buy or support, you enter as many manufacturers and model numbers as you need and the amount of each type of device. Added the wrong hardware? No problem. Just click the trashcan to delete an asset.
Step 2: Now that you have all your IT hardware entered into the tool you just enter your email then wait for your savings report.

After receiving your projected savings you’ll now be able to make more informed decisions on what you should be paying for your hardware and support.

What Will I Get?

It’s one thing to say you can save 40%-60% on hardware and third party support, but it’s another to show you how you can save 40%-60%. The Infrastructure Savings Report not only gives you the estimated amount of savings you could get for certain equipment, you also receive a number of tips to help you achieve those savings.


Your Infrastructure Savings Report Includes:

  • You will receive third-party support options for the hardware you entered. Learn about everything from End-of-Life (EOL) management to maintenance features like flexible SLAs, nationwide coverage, co-terminated support contracts, and multi-vendor expertise.
  • Discover how the secondary hardware market works. The savings report comes with tips to help you stretch your current IT budget and best practices to find the type of upgrades you need at reduced prices.
  • See if the hardware you searched has any value on the secondary market. Learn about your trade-in and buyback options for your surplus hardware to generate more funds for your IT budget.
  • Access to Reliant10x - a free cloud-based platform designed to help you track IT assets and support renewal dates, product lifecycle milestones, and more.
    • Ready for Your Free Infrastructure Savings Report?

      There are a number of benefits to using this tool. The Infrastructure Savings Report can also help with IT budget planning for the year. By tracking assets you already own, finding support options, and uncovering savings for the hardware upgrades you need, you will be able to develop strategies for your data center that will help you in the long run. For more information on certified pre-owned hardware savings and support, reach out to a dedicated storage specialist or give us a call at 1.877.227.0828.