IBM Tape Turns 60

From its creation in 1952 to its current generation in 2012, IBM tape has been helping enterprises large and small to backup their most critical data.

Over the past 60 years, IBM tape has experienced countless variations and improvements that make tape the reliable, stable storage target it is today.

Even after 60 years, IBM tape remains one of the best technologies for long-term archiving. Improving from the original 2.3 MB of storage, today’s magnetic tape can store as much as 5 TB of data storage.

IBM Tape doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon. Currently, Coughlin Associates analysts estimate that more than 400 Exabytes of digital data are stored on magnetic tape worldwide. With continued improvements in storage capacity and increased data access speeds, magnetic tape appears to be a storage format with true staying power. In fact, only a year ago IBM launched an upgrade to the IBM TS3500 tape platform to support over 2.7 Exabytes of low-tier, automated storage.

To learn more about the 60-year history of IBM tape, view the slideshow or read the Forbes article.

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