IBM Tape Library TS3500

In the datacenter, the tape library is the ultimate lifeline to combat data loss and data corruption. Tape’s reliability with today’s LTO5 media and off-line status is essential, since tape isn’t as vulnerable to lightning-fast overwrites and corruption.

IBM’s recently announced expansion of the TS3500 Tape Library improves the capability of the IBM Total Storage Tape Library, allowing companies to improve their EMC, IBM, and NetApp environment’s backups and reliability.

In May, IBM unveiled enhanced archiving, as well as new tape storage offerings designed to help clients store massive amounts of data and extract it intelligently. A few of the improvements announced could be game changers for “Big Data” customers who need to handle massive amounts of high-volume, low-tier data, as well as most enterprise storage customers.

  • Enhancements to the IBM System Storage TS3500 Tape Library System can store over 2.7 exabytes of low-tier, automated storage (enough capacity to store 3x the amount of data generated by US mobile phones last year)
  • The IBM TS3500 IBM Tape Library can be upgraded with a new shuttle technology that can connect 15 tape libraries
  • 64% less energy consumption and 80% more performance than comparable Oracle drive
  • IBM tape libraries with the IBM Linear Tape File System Library Edition (LTFS LE) can now more efficiently index, search, retrieve and share data stored on Generation 5 LTO tape, an open tape storage format

Why is this important—isn’t tape dead?

Absolutely not. Tape is an additional tier that may be your datacenter’s last hope if serious outages and data corruption occur. Also, tape’s reliability and cost/GB blows disk away, so for extremely large, low-tier data volumes, tape makes sense where disk doesn’t (and can’t).

Tape is safe and reliable in a way that doesn’t (yet) have a substitute. Without tape, even the almighty Google would have been sunk when Gmail suffered from data loss in 2010. IBM leveraged IBM LTO drives along with their tape system to restore data and keep their customers' essential data safe.

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