EXP810s can be purchased new or used. Used EXP810s will allow you to save anywhere from $8,000-$15,000 per tray of disk depending on the make/model of the drives being supplied. This is great news for shops that need all the performance they can get - as adding more drives will boost I/O throughput.


As background, the IBM EXP810 - a 4Gbps disk expansion that holds 16 Fiber Channel or 16 Sata disk drives, is currently supported under the IBM DS4300, DS4500, DS4700 & DS4800 storage systems - and is being RPQ'd under the DS5000 storage array(s).

To be clear - the IBM EXP810 can be filled with SATA drives, but you will be required to purchase a fiber channel/Sata intermix kit if your Controller has both Fiber Channel and SATA drives. It's also important to know that SATA and FC drives cannot be intermixed within the same tray (EXP810) of disk.


Here are the features for your reference.

  • (#7306) DS4800 F/C SATA Enclosure Intermix Activation
  • (#7306) DS4700 F/C SATA Enclosure Intermix Activation
  • (#7306) DS4500 F/C SATA Enclosure Intermix Activation
  • (#7356) DS4300 FC/SATA Enclosure Intermix Activation

You can present the EXP810 under IBM DS4300 or DS4500 storage system (2Gbps), but the EXP810 will auto-negotiates down to 2Gbps connectivity. This is often a smart strategy to use if you are thinking about moving to a DS4700, DS4800 or DS5100 (DS5100 or DS5300) in the near future (for investment protection purposes).

You can intermix the EXP810 with the EXP700/710 of disk expansions but know that you?ll need a special release of IBM Storage Manager to make this happen.

Going forward - With the release of the IBM DS5100 and IBM DS5300, IBM has released an RPQ to enable the IBM EXP810 to be supported underneath these two storage systems. That's great news with customer that already EXP810s. Also know that IBM EXP5000 disk expansions will compatible to work with the EXP810.

IBM EXP810s can be purchased new or used. Used IBM EXP810s can be populated with new drives, driving the price of the used EXP810s down by $10,000-$25,000 per tray of disk. An added bonus is some used IBM EXP810s have remaining IBM warranty. Contact Reliant Technology to discuss your new or used IBM Storage Upgrade requirements.