The IBM System Storage EXP5060 is a 4U storage expansion enclosure (Machine Type 1818, Model G1A) for IBM DS5000 series storage controllers. The IBM EXP5060 is a high density enclosure that can hold up to 60 3.5" SATA drives and fits in a standard 19" rack. When connected to an IBM DS5300 or an IBM DS5100 the EXP5060 can intermix with EXP5000s to connect up to 448 drives. The IBM DS5100 and IBM DS5300 can be configured up to 480 drives by using only EXP5060 enclosures. By using 1TB SATA disk drives, this configuration can scale up to 480TB of raw storage.

IBM EXP5060 front and side views

60 Drives in a single 4U enclosure
The IBM EXP5060 (1818-G1A) high density storage enclosure provides high-volume data transfer and retrieval and can deliver storage functions for multiple drives to multiple hosts. Using hot-swap technology the IBM EXP5060 provides reliable service and ease of management by allowing replacement of drives without shutting down the system.

IBM EXP5060 inside view

By using IBM EXP5060 high desnity enclosures with the IBM DS5300 or IBM DS5100 storage controller, you can significantly reduce operational cost for high capacity applications and effectively reduce the space needed in your data center. By using high efficiency power supplies and variable speed cooling fans, the EXP5060 enclosures can significantly reduce energy costs and cooling requirements.

Reduce your footprint by 60% and increase drives per U by 180%

IBM EXP5060 to EXP5000 comparison

Left: IBM DS5300 Controller
25 EXP5000s (400 drives)
= 79U (~2 Racks)

Right: IBM DS5300 Controller
8 EXP5060s (480 drives)
= 36U (~1 Rack)

IBM EXP5060 high density enclosures can be purchased new or used and can be placed under your existing IBM maintenance or under 3rd party maintenance. Contact Reliant Technology today to discuss your new or used IBM storage upgrade requirements.