IBM DS4800

Data archives exist to protect older data that isn't regularly accessed for day-to-day business operations, but may need to be accessed for compliance, regulatory, or referential purposes. An effective archive approach is an integral part of every IT organization, and the IBM DS4800 storage array is an ideal box for a dedicated archival system.

The DS4800 can be fine-tuned and repurposed as an archive platform by utilizing EXP810s with SATA technology to maximize capacity and ensure that data is available for discovery during the full retention cycle.

Best Practices Tip
“Take a few moments to think about how you will migrate your data from one media to another down the road for technology refresh and replacement or as part of ongoing maintenance to insure data validity. Being able to read archived data in the future will require that the media itself is intact, that a device is available to read the media and software or applications exist to read the retrieved data.”

—Greg Schulz, Storage Channel

The DS4800 is an ideal platform for archiving data to disk because of the availability of IBM support, third-party maintenance after End of Life, and the ability to reuse disk through an upgrade to a DS5000 system.

Whether you are a healthcare company archiving EMR/PACS data, a corporation looking to archive email for Sarbanes-Oxley requirements, or a facility storing security video the DS4800 is a robust and scalable solutions with up to 448TB of raw SATA capacity.

Suggested Configurations for Archiving

  • IBM DS4800 1815-82A 4GB Cache
  • 10x EXP810s
  • 160 1TB SATA II Disk Drives
  • RAID 5 Configuration
  • 100TB+ of usable SATA capacity

Speak with a storage consultant at Reliant Technology to determine the best way to repurpose or deploy a DS4800 as a dedicated archive system. Hear about best practices to protect your data, satisfy compliance requirements, and reduce the overall cost of archiving your data.