Quality Assurance

The IBM DS4800 disk system, coupled with virtualization software, is an ideal platform for a stable, low- cost deployment for test, development, and quality assurance environments.

By deploying a solid virtualization platform on top of a DS4800 storage array throughout their development lab, companies can accelerate software project completion by increasing team productivity of their developers and testers, reduce hardware and administrative costs, and improve the quality of applications that are deployed in production.

In an interview with CIO.com, Mark Friedman, a senior software architect at Microsoft tells of the advantages of using virtualization in testing and development. One key advantage is virtualization's ability to set apart an unstable environment, which is something any developer expects in early phases of application design. As the Microsoft tools are developed, says Friedman, testing early versions may destabilize a developer's entire computing environment.

“We create a rollback that allows us to restore the system to that previous good state within minutes,” Friedman told CIO.com. “The alternative is having to re-image the computer or re-build the environment, which can take hours,” says Friedman. “This is a tremendous timesaver.”

The IBM DS4000 Series offers additional capabilities that go far beyond what competing disk storage systems can provide in a virtual infrastructure for testing and development.

Customers can reduce overall costs of your virtualized storage foundation by (1) consolidating storage in a SAN infrastructure, (2) enabling an incremental “pay as you grow” storage upgrade strategy, (3) simplifying storage management.

Minimize the number of disk storage systems required even as your virtual capacity and performance needs increase—thus cutting storage acquisition costs and recurring costs for maintenance, floor space, power and cooling. And with DS4000 4 Gb technology, you also have investment protection.


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