Do you have an EMC storage array in your environment? Reliant Technology’s EMC engineering experts are here to help you with a series of How-To videos for you to use as a guide in your data center.

Our first how to? Learning how to identify a failed drive in an EMC storage array and install the spare.Replacing a failed drive yourself is easy if you keep spare parts on site. This allows you to minimize downtime and get your mission critical assets back up and running.

This tip also works for various storage manufacturers. The difference between vendors is how the failed drive is displayed. Some enclosure vendors have lights on the racks to indicate that there is a failed drive. The drive itself also includes two lights, the second of which will be yellow if the drive has failed.

Follow these steps to replace your failed drive:

Step 1: Identify the failed drive

Making sure you identify the correct drive is paramount. Replacing the wrong drive in an array could spell trouble for your storage environment depending on your RAID infrastructure. A second yellow light usually indicates which drive has failed.

Step 2: Remove the failed drive

Lift the latch on the failed drive and carefully slide it out of the disk array enclosure (DAE).

Step 3: Install the replacement drive

Install your spare by sliding it into place and closing the latch. You will know the drive is in place when the latch clicks. The drive is successfully installed when the yellow light goes out.

You can also follow this demonstration:

If you need to purchase a replacement EMC drive or want to stock spare parts on site at your location, Reach out to one of our EMC specialists at 1.877.227.0828. Our  engineers can help you craft the perfect storage solution for your specific data center needs.

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