Why do data warehouse projects cost a fortune? Oracle, IBM DB2 and other solutions, while having a high ROI for the business, often require significant investment in software, hardware and services to implement a solution.

Fast forward to a full DR strategy and multiply that infrastructure by TWO – and now you have a serious investment on your hands.

Recently one of the top nation-wide grocery stores in the United States had this exact problem on their hands: How could they build a world-class data warehouse solution without blowing their budget? A few options were available:

Option A) Buy brand new equipment from IBM and others, including IBM p6 p570s, IBM Storage, Switches, F5 Gear, and the works for over two million dollars for just the hardware. Software licenses, implementation and other services that were needed to complete the solution would also add thousands more to that total.

Option B) Work with Reliant Technology and deploy a combination or new/used IBM, gear for less than $700K.

Besides saving the company over $1,300,000 by going with Option B, their ROI jumped by 10%. Also by going with this option, they were able to use a portion of their savings to purchase some super fast load balancers – which gave them more performance, resulting in the ability to make faster decisions with their data. Decisions that generate these types of continued benefits are enough to keep any CEO smiling.

5 tips to reduce costs on your next data warehouse project:

  1. Make a hit list of the must have technologies for your project.
  2. Soul search and determine which technologies must be purchased new.
  3. Question the software vendors requirements for latest technology – especially in dev/test.
  4. Consider storage options that allow you to de-duplicate, upgrade an existing array or deploy used or refurbished equipment.
  5. Leverage your existing SAN and Network infrastructure for additional connectivity if at all possible.

Extra Tip - look at your existing server infrastructure and you might be surprised to find extra CPU capacity in your UNIX or Windows footprint. With a simple memory upgrade you may be able to create a low-cost dev/test environment (by creating a partition or LPAR)

To see the savings, hear the other side of the story and get some smiles for yourself call Reliant Technology at 877-227-0828 or fill out the form to speak with an Server, Storage, and Networking expect today.