Warning: Things NOT to Do When Upgrading Your EMC Storage Hardware

Considering an upgrade for your current EMC storage environment? Here are three things NOT to do when upgrading your EMC storage system.

DON’T Buy New Hardware for Every Situation.

Not every data storage project requires the expense of new hardware. Implement used hardware when possible to expand your EMC storage environment and make your budget dollars stretch farther.

Used hardware can be beneficial for both your storage environment and your budget. For example, budget constraints may make it impossible to purchase a new system for disaster recovery, but by purchasing a used EMC storage array, you can make your disaster recovery dreams a reality.

DON’T Replace Your Equipment Every 2 Years.

Don’t upgrade your EMC array just because you’ve been told you have to upgrade. Choose to upgrade when the system no longer meets your requirements, not when your OEM dictates that it’s time for a new system. Buying used can extend the life of a system by several years, reducing your total cost of ownership.

If your current EMC storage system still meets your needs, it’s not time to upgrade. Even if the storage array becomes end-of-life (EOL), it can still be supported by third-party maintenance companies so you can use it beyond the manufacturer’s EOL deadline.

If you do decide to upgrade, make sure that your motivation to upgrade is clear before creating a plan to purchase more hardware. Do you need to accommodate greater capacity and upgrade to an EMC CX4-960? Need a more powerful system, like the EMC VNX 5300, to manage demanding applications? Make sure your needs are clear before you choose to upgrade.

DON’T Buy the Minimum Configuration.

Don’t simply purchase the hardware that will meet your needs at the present moment. Be certain that you plan for next year’s growth and plan your EMC storage hardware purchases accordingly.

Preparing for the future is an important part of upgrading your EMC storage environment. With the average enterprise adding 59 TB of storage in 2011, data growth seems to be inevitable.

Making a long term plan to manage larger quantities of data and more demanding I/O will make growth management less stressful.

Need help upgrading your EMC storage environment? Talk to a dedicated Reliant Storage Specialist today for the hardware and expertise you need to make your dream upgrade a reality.