third party support benefits

Once your storage hardware reaches the end of its initial warranty, IT decision makers must choose what the best course of action will be for their storage environment and data center overall. Do you stay with the OEM? Or do you look for alternative support options? Here are some of the biggest benefits of opting for third party maintenance for those who are considering stepping away from OEM support.

Quality of Service & Parts

There are a number of skeptics who question the validity of used IT hardware. And in some cases, there is good reason to question where your hardware comes from when using the secondary market. Which is why Reliant only sources parts from reputable vendors and puts each piece of equipment through our rigorous 8-step testing and certification process.

But having a favorable third party support experience is more than just having a vendor send you a spare part when one of your drives fail. Independent support vendors have the ability to offer the same (or better) quality service than the OEM. This is due to our in-depth product expertise. Our engineers are cross-trained on multiple OEMs allowing you to create a one stop shop for all your support needs.

No Learning Curve

Once you’ve had your storage hardware for three to five years, your IT staff has a strong understanding of how that equipment works and how it impacts your entire IT infrastructure. So, there isn’t a great deal of time devoted to training and troubleshooting since it is familiar to your staff. The learning curve is something to keep in mind when considering purchasing new hardware. Teaching your IT department about new technology, software, and firmware will cost time and resources. And with already dwindling IT budgets, time and resources may be in short supply. Instead of overhauling your storage environment, extend the life of your system with third party support.

Increase ROI

There are some applications that require the newest generation of hardware to run successfully, but what if you’re an organization that doesn’t need the latest? Many small-medium sized businesses won’t always need the newest equipment and upgrading could mean more funds than you’re willing to spend. So, instead of upgrading or staying with the OEM, opt for third party maintenance. The longer you can keep your existing array running, the more return you can see on that investment and the longer you can avoid making a capital expenditure.

Ready to Move to TPM?

Have these perks persuaded you to move to third party maintenance? From qualified lab engineers to certified parts, there are a great deal of things to love about third party support. Do you have more questions about what we have to offer as a support provider? Reach out to one of our dedicated storage specialists to learn about our customizable contracts, flexible SLAs, and mission-critical support.