Reliant Technology - Flash Changing the Data Center

One of the major challenges that businesses of all sizes face in terms of storage is one of control. They have an inherent need to always maintain as much control over their storage solutions as possible, but also to preserve the flexibility they need to adjust those options as their businesses continue to grow and evolve. On the surface, these two goals seem to be opposed - usually resulting in ballooning costs. Now, with the advent of Flash and its prominence in storage solutions all over the world, these two disparate goals can start working together yet again.

All Flash VDI Deployments

If one of the biggest resources that businesses have had access to in the last few years is the concept of the VDI deployment, all Flash VDI deployments take things to the next level and beyond. With Flash-based storage, VDI offerings now provided not only in excess of nine times the availability of traditional storage venues, but also greater scalability AND non-disruptive operations at the exact same time.

The best part of all is that high performing Flash does not also necessarily bring with it higher costs as a result. Because All Flash systems can bring with them as much as 10:1 data reduction or more, the return on investment for these types of deployments is much higher even if initial costs may be larger as well. The actual cost of storage, which is the most important metric to look for, plummets - and that's even before you think about things like real estate savings, savings in terms of power consumption, cooling economics and beyond.

Data Control and Management

Flash is also changing the game in data centers in terms of things like data control and management - all falling under the ever important umbrella of data security. An all Flash deployment actually brings with it a much greater level of control and management than ever before. Data abstraction layers that are inherent in the system also offer value added services like acceleration, deduplication, data encryption and beyond - giving you all of the fine control you need over every last kilobyte, no exceptions.

The Challenges of Flash in Data Centers

Unfortunately, such a naturally disruptive shift in the way that data centers are operating does bring with it a number of potential challenges that can't be ignored. If you're in a situation where you need to use a proprietary replication method that only a traditional enterprise data controller gives you access to, for example, the shift to an all Flash system certainly isn't going to help things very much. The same is true for situations where you might have certain apps that need to maintain a validated design for support purposes.

Additionally, cost is less of an issue, but it is still very much an issue - it may not be in the cards for every business to immediately convert to an all Flash ecosystem based on the upfront costs alone.

Despite these very real challenges, Flash is still changing the game in terms of data centers for all time and for the better. With the benefits of added control, lower cost of ownership and higher return on investment, it's easy to see why so many people are moving in this direction and will continue to do so in greater numbers over the next few years.

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